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Great Ideas

NNA’s best and brightest publishers have made the Great Idea Exchange session of the Annual Convention a huge hit for more than a decade. These terrific success stories, along with other great ideas we find throughout the year, are available to NNA members 24/7. And, members are encouraged to submit and share their great ideas at any time to grow this valuable resource.

NNA Director of Creative Resources Robert M. Williams Jr. is available for consultation on how to create more revenue, help you deal with inevitable newspaper issues or be a sympathetic ear for NNA members looking for an experienced publisher to listen. Email him at or call (912) 281-5438 from 10 a.m -3 p.m. ET, Monday-Friday. 

The Palatka Daily News’ ‘Positively Putnam FL’ campaign underscores how the newspaper leads the community in good news

Dec 18, 2020

While a good community newspaper has many duties in its role serving its readership, one of the most important is reminding readers of the many good things there are to appreciate in the area around ...

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Your readers will appreciate this promo that will touch virtually every family in your community

Dec 3, 2020

The importance and power of those two elements are demonstrated well in the annual year-end promotion put together in a tasteful and eye-catching manner by Rhonda Overbey and her staff at the Aiken (South ...

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Print newspapers create a powerful, lasting and permanent image ⁠— never out of sight, out of mind

Nov 30, 2020

Print newspapers have no better champion than the articulate Minnesota publisher, Reed Anfinson, one of America’s foremost leaders in community newspapers. Anfinson has traveled the country espousing ...

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Here’s a solution for everyone bored at home during this pandemic

Nov 18, 2020

Mike created an all-ad special section made up of nothing but half-page (tabloid) ads featuring unique word puzzles made up of the names and key words customized for a variety of local businesses. He had ...

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We all love to have Santa come see us!

Nov 6, 2020

Old media/new media combo sold as a package

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Great Idea Exchange ⁠— Missouri's Dennis Warden has enough great ideas to keep us busy for a while! PLUS, members share ad plans for holiday season

Oct 20, 2020

Recently, a friend directed me to Missouri publisher and NNA member, Dennis Warden in Owensville. In short, Warden is delighting his readers and making his advertisers happy with both an innovative ...

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Are there dollars going untapped in your community? Mark Spensley in Iowa has figured out how to tap into these $$$

Oct 5, 2020

Who are some of the busiest people in your community, doing millions of dollars in annual business — but very seldom do much advertising? If you named building contractors, give yourselves a gold ...

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Great Idea Exchange Live! Fond Memories

Sep 10, 2020

No matter what sort of business you may be in, every local business has at least one occasion each year when there is a need to advertise. The anniversary of the day you opened your doors is a momentous ...

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Who’s been ‘poaching’ on your territory lately?

Sep 9, 2020

From time to time, it pays to cruise around your community and stop in wherever customer traffic is heavy to see who has come into your town and poached on what should be YOUR advertising dollars. There ...

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