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Legal Standing by Tonda Rush

Tonda Rush is the director of public policy and serves as general counsel to the National Newspaper Association. Email her at

Managers will want to take note of these issues

Aug 1, 2023

NNA members will want to read about the status of noncompete clauses in employment agreements and new reporting to FinCen. 

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Pay very close attention to real estate in your advertising department

May 1, 2023

Q: Real estate ads are starting to pick up a little. What do we need to watch for?

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Questioning what to do about a social media dispute?

Jan 1, 2023

Q: I have spent thousands of dollars building my brand on a Facebook business page. I use it to drive traffic to my website and to sell my publication to customers. Suddenly, without warning, Facebook ...

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To run or not run; consider this ...

Dec 1, 2022

Q: A reader recently shared a video taken from her car video camera of a breaking news event. What should we be concerned about before we decide to use it?

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If you are working in states where the appellate courts have not yet ruled, be advised that your ability to record is not as clearly established

Sep 1, 2022

There have been disputes over the years about whether privacy rights protect the object of your lens if YOU are in public but your subject is not, such as instances where you use a telephoto lens to shoot ...

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What happens when a letter-writer wants to take back their letter?

Aug 1, 2022

Q: A reader sent a letter to the editor on a topic of great controversy in our community. Then, after thinking more about it, the reader told us not to publish. But we have the letter. We have the ...

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Encrypted police scanner systems shut out press and the public

Feb 1, 2022

The disappearing police scanner has been a topic for journalists since 9-11. That is because the need for a national communications policy to bring federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement and ...

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Employers begin to comply with potential vaccination mandate to avoid scrambling to meet deadline

Nov 1, 2021

Q. Does the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration require a business to mandate vaccinations now?

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How to solicit business via fax ⁠— fax machine is still an important business tool in many small companies

Oct 1, 2021

Now comes the question — what if you send a fax to someone with whom you do not have an established business relationship and it contains a little bit of advertising, like a tag line about your special ...

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