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Congress approves NNA language directing HHS advertising to community media

Mar 25, 2024

Three years of planning and effort by the National Newspaper Association and its partners resulted this weekend in an emphatic recognition by Congress of the vital role community newspapers play in sharing ...

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The Edgerton Reporter, a ‘weekly miracle’ for 150 years

Aug 1, 2023

This year, the Edgerton Reporter celebrates its 150th year of weekly miracles. It’s also a sentimental anniversary for Everson, who spent most of her adult life laboring alongside her parents, Helen ...

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Weekly editors, publishers feel a need to look after their and counterparts' mental health in the isolation that defines 'rural'

Jul 17, 2023

Rural editors, publishers and reporters have suffered the double whammy of the pandemic amid the impact of the great digital shift, which has robbed them of audience, revenue and colleagues.

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States build support for newspapers; how to tell your story

May 1, 2023

When local newspapers write about their problems, it might seem self-serving. But what if legislators in a state could read a comprehensive report about the newspapers in that state, including information ...

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HR 3625, the Employee Retention Tax Credit Reinstatement Act, left hanging — aims to get Congress to give back promised payroll tax credits as result of COVID-19 CARES Act

Aug 1, 2022

Businesses that had lost at least 20% of quarterly gross revenue year over year as a result of government shutdowns were eligible for refundable tax credits for as much as $26,000 per employee. 

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Through thick and thin, Cecile Wehrman remains the steward of Journal Publishing

Jul 1, 2022

As the owner of Journal Publishing in Crosby, North Dakota, Cecile Wehrman keeps busy churning out the weekly Crosby Journal and Tioga Tribune, where she has worked for the past 23 years. As long as she ...

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Power shift training improves newsroom culture – and coverage

Feb 17, 2022

Remaking newsrooms from the inside out can tackle two problems at once. News leaders who have participated in the Power Shift Project’s Workplace Integrity program report that adopting the curriculum ...

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Despite pandemic and economy woes, Sanpete Messenger prospers

Feb 1, 2022

From journalism to teaching to public relations, marketing and politics, Dean, 72, has enjoyed a storied career. She has owned the Sanpete Messenger for nearly 22 years, and over time, with expansion ...

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Protect your Periodicals permit

Feb 1, 2022

When you’ve been mailing your newspapers for a while and your systems are in place for maintaining your subscriber list, your single-copy vendor records, file copies for verifying ad percentages ...

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