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Industry Research

The National Newspaper Association monitors, evaluates and analyzes trends affecting the community newspaper industry through various forms of research. 

Residents still want local news, will pay for a good product

Dec 1, 2023

Legacy newspapers are slowly adapting to the digital era, but many have not fully faced up to their greatest-ever existential challenge.

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Nov 14, 2023

The study, “Mastering Tomorrow’s Markets: The Data Quality Revolution,” included a survey of more than 500 business leaders, 88% of whom believe challenges will intensify over the next ...

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Local newspapers rank higher than national mainstream media, Gallup poll finds

Nov 1, 2023

Gallup found that local newspapers — many of them weekly or semi-weekly papers — plus local radio and TV are more reliable than what they read or see on national news outlets, including CNN ...

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Metro Creative shares ideas to BOOst Halloween revenue

Sep 13, 2023

Here, Metro shares some ideas to help your local advertisers get a piece of that fall holiday pie.

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The secret to growing papers is giving the readers what they want

Mar 1, 2023

This particular focus group was a little different than most. The paper had gathered 15 seniors — the minimum age requirement was 60 — to spend three hours discussing recent issues of the newspaper ...

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To build trust and your audience, show how much you care, not just how much you know

Mar 1, 2023

"In one small consolation, Americans had more trust in local news.” ... It wasn’t a small consolation for people in local news, but it also had some warnings and offered the basis for ...

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Rural America is growing older faster than urban America; one in five rural Americans is older than 65, USDA says

Dec 1, 2022

"For the first time, more than one in five rural Americans is over the age of 65," reports Chuck Abbott of Successful Farming,citing a report from the Department of Agriculture report. “Rural America ...

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Marketing mail accounts for 57% of US household mail, US Postal Service study says

Oct 1, 2022

Households in the U.S received 104.2 billion pieces of mail last year, but sent out only 7.1 billion pieces, according to the recently released Household Mail Study by the U.S. Postal Service.

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