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Great Ideas

NNA’s best and brightest publishers have made the Great Idea Exchange session of the Annual Convention a huge hit for more than a decade. These terrific success stories, along with other great ideas we find throughout the year, are available to NNA members 24/7. And, members are encouraged to submit and share their great ideas at any time to grow this valuable resource.

NNA Director of Creative Resources Robert M. Williams Jr. is available for consultation on how to create more revenue, help you deal with inevitable newspaper issues or be a sympathetic ear for NNA members looking for an experienced publisher to listen. Email him at or call (912) 281-5438 from 10 a.m -3 p.m. ET, Monday-Friday. 

A really good ad can keep doing its job over and over

May 1, 2023

Over the years, I’ve encountered numerous advertisers who, mysteriously, somehow once they’ve published a great ad idea in your newspaper, think the ad is somehow “used up” after ...

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Where are they now? Is your newspaper making money by finding and telling their stories?

Apr 1, 2023

The Forest-Blade of Swainsboro, Georgia, has long been a quality community newspaper, consistently fulfilling its role as a vital link offering the names, faces and information that bind the Emmanuel County, ...

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Zoe Cooper offers a great ‘deal’ for advertisers in Arizona

Mar 1, 2023

Meet Zoe Cooper. She’s a great newspaper “utility player” and also creative advertising manager for the Casa Grande (Arizona) Dispatch, a three–day–a–week newspaper. ...

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Minnesota publisher builds partnership offering digital TV billboard advertising

Feb 1, 2023

Recent years have seen a rise in the number of newspapers offering their merchants more variety in how and where they can place their ad dollars while staying with their well-known, long-trusted and reliable ...

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Even an old idea can create new, fresh sales for your customer

Jan 1, 2023

An email from a newspaper publisher in the Midwest got me to thinking the other day. “What do you think is the very best ad idea you’ve ever had of your own?” asked this publisher.

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A spark of creativity, once ignited, can lead to great newspapers and great futures

Dec 1, 2022

David Maxwell, a longtime Georgia friend, is credited with sharing this great idea. David is the editor and general manager of The Donalsonville News, a consistent award winner in Georgia better newspaper ...

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NNA members share great ideas

Nov 1, 2022

At the in-person Great Idea Exchange as part of the Annual Convention & Trade Show, convention attendees shared their best revenue, circulation and goodwill boosters.

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Southport’s (NC) Pilot hits a ‘home run’ with expert political ad idea using sticky notes

Nov 1, 2022

Carol, a 13-year veteran in the business, hit the proverbial “home run” when she came up with an ingenious thought that started with utilizing ... 

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Cool apps and hot tips save time, money

Oct 27, 2022

Time is money. Deadlines never stop. Newspaper folks need every advantage they can find and NNA has a great advantage coming your way! 

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