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Pulp Nonfiction by Tony Smithson

Tony Smithson is the regional director of printing operations for Adams Publishing Group’s APG Printing Solutions.

Newsprint price increases expected

At the beginning of the pandemic, one of the curious responses people had was to hoard toilet paper. Media coverage showed people fighting in store aisles over the last little white rolls. My thought, ...

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No smooth sailing for newsprint in 2021

In March, the world watched as the container ship Ever Given was wedged across the Suez Canal. Images of the scene showed the stranded ship with its cargo containers stacked high on its deck like thousands ...

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Newsprint prices continue to climb

Harsh winter weather has impacted some mills’ production

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Prices are going up, but that’s not all bad

There is no question that demand for newsprint is down. Some estimates show North American newsprint demand down 23% versus the prior year, with both publishers and commercial printers buying significantly ...

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It's about being clear — custom printing contract worth the time

Working out a custom contract can be stressful, but it’s worth the time. Just like pheasant hunting with pointing dogs, printing newspapers is a team sport, and we all need to understand each other ...

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In case you missed it ⁠— setting a print budget in an unstable market

There’s a classic serenity prayer that asks, ”Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” I ...

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On being useful

In my production plant in Janesville, Wisconsin, the word “November” is always spoken with a certain hushed tone. It’s one that implies the stress of a peak season, where our time and ...

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Three for one

A publisher in New England reported that he’d recently seen longer delivery times as his purchases were moved from one mill to another.

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What is market pulp, and why should I care?

Availability of market pulp across the world allows countries without vast forest resources to manufacture products like tissue, medical supplies, packaging and newsprint. 

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Your printing problems might be caused by newsprint — or maybe not

While printing problems can have a variety of causes, many are related to newsprint. Here’s a brief list of some issues you might see in your paper and the possible connections to newsprint.

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Newsprint mills could reduce production capacity

With almost daily announcements of changes in the newspaper industry, the resemblance to the action of a board game is uncanny. The newsprint market is in a similar state of flux, although the moves are ...

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Newsprint market predictions

Crystal ball 2020: newsprint market predictions My grandfather was both a farmer and a pilot, and understanding the weather was important for both of those occupations. As a kid, I was fascinated by his ...

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The Perfect Tree

Every year, for those of us who prefer real Christmas trees, the search is on for the perfect tree. It needs to be tall, but not too tall. It needs to be full, but not too full, and it helps to have a ...

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The Canadian dollar also rises

Consider oil price, market indications while budgeting for 2020 Scenes of flames from a bold drone attack on Saudi oil facilities by Yemen’s Houthi rebels generated opinions from pundits about Middle-East ...

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The 800 lb. gorilla

How will proposed merger of Gannett and Gatehouse impact the newsprint market?

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The dark underbelly of newsprint

With publishers working to control every penny of cost, the offers from brokers can be extremely tempting. However, there are downsides to keep in mind. 

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East Bound and Down

Lack of truck drivers can mean late deliveries and higher transportation cost for newsprint. 

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Newsprint prices unstable for time being

It’s from your newsprint supplier, or maybe your printer, and the subject line is “Newsprint Price.” You hesitate to click on it for fear of what it might contain.

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